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Division Names
& the grade they have completed before the summer:
Oski: 2nd grade
Casco: 3rd grade
Coo: 4th grade
Eagle: 5th
Kineo: 6th
Agawan: 7th
Zuni: 8th
Totem: 9th
LIT (Leader-In-Training): 10th
Tweekers: two-week campers, also 1st time campers in grades 2nd-5th

Evening Activity (EAs): Evening Activities begin at 7:30PM and last until 8:30 or 9PM depending on the activity and age group. EAs may be for the whole camp, for several age groups, or just one age group. Some examples include: Gold Rush (lower camp), Panic (each age group), Candy Horse Races (lower camp), Casino Night (upper camp), Campfire (weekly–all camp).

Selective: Selective is the last period of the day. It is the only choice period for all age groups (including Oskis & Cascos). During selective we offer traditional AND non-traditional activities. Examples include: flag football, Frisbee, quiet reading outside, cheerleading, etc. Upper Camper campers may opt to have bunk time during selective as long as there is a counselor in their cabin.

Spirit Days & Brave Week: Spirit Days is a week of special/theme days at camp. Spirits Days does not interrupt or conflict with program. Each day during that week has a theme or spin. Highlights include: friendship day, theme dinners, and Brave Week.

Brave Week: Is a chance to meet someone new at camp and serve as a "secret" friend. All campers and staff are matched up with a big and little brave. Big braves do nice things for their little braves such as: make their beds, make things for them in arts & crafts, or send them cards through secret messengers. Brave Week breakout is a secret coordinated by the Totems to surprise the rest of camp. Big braves are revealed at the end of the week at flag lowering. Campers get very excited for Brave Week-- breakout could be at any time, so be prepared.

Campfire: Campfires take place once a week up at the "Old Pine" (Wicosuta's founding spot under an old pine tree). Campfires are lead by the Totems. Campfires are quiet and serious at times, and also lots of fun. After the ceremony, we sing camp songs and play games. Each campfire has a theme such as friendship or new beginnings, and campers have the opportunity to speak about the theme. There is also a log that is passed along through different bunks throughout the summer. Each bunk that receives the log creates a poem describing the previous week, and they pass along the log to a bunk of their choice. There are delicious chocolate chip cookies and milk following campfire before bedtime. Always a big hit!

Carnival: Each bunk is responsible for a booth that is set up on the soccer field. Examples include: coke/pepsi challenge, cake walk, tattoos, count the candy, as well as lots of water-based rides/activities: a dunk tank, slip 'n' slide, sponge toss, etc. The carnival lasts most of the afternoon. Carnival ends will a HUGE water-balloon toss!

Monster Mash: It's Halloween during the summer! This spooky activity is for lower camp and takes place in the Gymnastics Pavilion. All campers and counselors use their resources to dress up in costume, and campers have the opportunity to perform skits they have created. Priscilla tells (not-so-scary) ghost stories and provides special, ghostly snacks!

Upper Camp Beach Party: An event designed for Upper Camp (Kineo-Totem) only. Put on your favorite bathing suit, grab a lei and some luau gear and go down to the waterfront for dinner and evening activity/dance party!

Gold Rush: An evening activity for lower camp and Totems. It involves counselors dressing up and playing the following roles: bankers, bandits, sheriffs, and kissing sisters. Tennis balls serve as "gold" and campers try to get as many as possible off the soccer field without getting caught by bandits and kissing sisters. The more gold your bunk has, the better chance you have to win the prize you choose at the auction after the event!

Candy Horse Races: This is a lower camp evening activity where campers get to bet (fake money) on their favorite horse/counselor. This usually takes place in the dining hall and each horse has a theme. Some themes include: luau horse, sporty horse, celebrity horse, etc. The campers with the most winnings receive prizes.

Project Morry Swimathon: Project Morry is a not-for-profit organization that sends children to camp anchored by a year-round experience. Wico's week-long swimathon raises money for Project Morry. Campers and staff swim laps and parents may sponsor their campers. The Zunis (2nd to oldest campers) run the event and are responsible for publicity, lap counting, and spirit.

Dance Marathon: Dance Marathon is put together by the Zunis and is a camp-wide event to raise breast cancer awareness. In addition to dancing, campers create arts & crafts projects to be donated to Faulkner Sagoff Breast Centre in Boston and shared with their patients (cards, bracelets, quilts, etc).

Wico Challenge Cup (1st Session): You'll never know when WCC is going to "break" or start. The camp is divided into 4 teams-red, blue, yellow, and green. The Totems create team themes (i.e. Red Dorothy, Yellow Lion, Green Witch & Blue Tinman). Each team has several counselor leaders and Totem leaders. WCC is 3 days of intense and spirited competition including sports, arts and crafts, and other activities. There is a "sing" at the end with a team mascot competition and counselor farewell. There is no way to describe the spirit and intensity of WCC until you actually experience it, so get ready to paint yourself either red, yellow, green or blue.

Color War (2nd Session): Color war break out is a top-secret event that the leadership staff plans, so that the campers & counselors will be caught off guard. Once it happens, everyone joins in the social hall for the announcement of the 2 teams: Blue Mohawk and Green Tashmoo. Teams elect a Totem Captain and captains for the younger age groups. Each team has age group advisors and a general (a staff member) who is the team leader. Color war involves 3 days of competition. Totems develop themes (Mohawk Centaurs/Tashmoo Phoenix) and create the songs for the culminating activity, an all team sing. Counselors are responsible for a farewell song during the sing. There is no way to describe the spirit and intensity of color war until you actually experience it, so get ready to paint yourself either green or blue.

Talent Shows: There are two talent shows throughout each session. They provide opportunities for campers to get on stage and show us their amazing abilities. Totems act as emcees. Counselors are encouraged to join in with their campers! Remember, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it!!

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