Camp Wicosuta Reference Form
Summer 2017

This applicant has applied for a position on our summer staff at Camp Wicosuta and has listed you as a reference. We would appreciate your assistance in evaluating his/her candidacy. Camp work is challenging and counselors must be able to relate effectively to children, adult supervisors and college-age peers. A staff member must be a great role model for our girls and be able to live within community standards, such as a nightly curfew. We are looking for mature young adults who love children, are spirited and fun and approach their responsibilities seriously.

Founded in 1920, Camp Wicosuta is a traditional four-week sleepaway camp for girls in Hebron, New Hampshire that offers two sessions. Our philosophy is based on providing the "3 C's": Confidence, Competence & Community. Our goal is for every camper to walk away feeling confident in herself, and competent in her abilities in any number of areas. We teach these skills in a physically and emotionally safe community in which our campers are challenged to move past their self-set limits.

Female counselors live with a group of children between the ages of 6-15 and teach at a specific activity area. Parents entrust their children's care to our staff and we are entrusting you with helping us determine whether this applicant is well suited for that role. Receiving this form as soon as possible helps us process the candidate's application in a timely fashion.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or additional comments. Thank you in advance for your insight and assistance.

Carly Meltzer
Assistant Director
Camp Wicosuta 1-800-846-9426

Please answer all questions.
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Professional reliability and attitude
Maturity in social and intellectual areas
Supports policies
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Cooperation with supervisors
Concern for the individual child
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Group management
Enthusiastic & vivacious in working with children
Attitude toward work
Please identify and explain 3-5 traits the applicant has that will make them a role model for girls ages 7-15.
What would you consider to be a stand out strength for this person?
What area(s) would have like to see some growth or development?
If you had a 10 year old daughter would you feel comfortable placing her in the care of the applicant? (Please check one description)

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To the best of your knowledge, does the applicant have any history of actual or alleged child abuse or sexual abuse, or ever been involved or convicted regarding a felony or misdemeanor?

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